Video: Exclusive Interview with Sean Garrett (@IamSeanGarrett) on Brandy’s (@4everBrandy) ‘Two Eleven’

Mega producer Sean Garrett interviews with Vaughn Alvarez (@4everVaughn) the founder of The Brandy Blog. Mr.Garrett discusses his past, present and future as well his participation on Brandy’s new album, “Two Eleven”. He also gives insight on the music industry today, words of advice to up-n’-coming producers and discusses Beyonce, Fantasia, Raven Symone’, Jay-Z, P.Diddy & Bangladesh.

The forty minute interview is sure to give you an in-depth up-close and personal look inside the musical genius, Sean Garrett. Use the YouTube Media player below to watch.

Video Link:

On the Non-Released “Two Eleven” track, “White Flag”:
“White Flag, is a synopsis of her entire struggle – not her giving up, just surrendering….Me and Brandy just connected because we know God.”

On His Connection with Brandy:
“God bringing Brandy into my life on a personal level has heighten my life, and given my life a different type of meaning.”

On the Making of his “Two Eleven” tracks:
“The melodies came to me like water.”

On Raven Symone’:
“The way she maneuvered her brand is amazing.”

On Chris Brown:
“Chris is at the pinnacle, where he can really take it to the next Michael Jackson level.”

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