News: Submit Your Ideas for Brandy’s ( @4everBrandy ) NEW ALBUM Packaging!

Calling all Starz! Did you ever want to be a part of the team that creates and puts together Brandy’s album packaging? Well here is your chance!

Brandy’s team is looking for fresh new ideas, on how the album should look, what she should wear, her hair style, down to the font itself.

Send in all your ideas to no later than midnight on April 29, 2012. Be sure to leave a comment on this post, letting us know you submit!



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11 thoughts on “News: Submit Your Ideas for Brandy’s ( @4everBrandy ) NEW ALBUM Packaging!

  1. I think the album booklet should be in Black and White and it should be formulated like a high fashion magazine with Brandy in nothing but very nice and classy gowns. The background should be of different elements. In one shot she should be like on top of a building. On another background, something more natural like grass, one another maybe a mountaintop. Brandy is a very versatile artist so that would be a reflection of her.I think her hair should be curly and all on one side like it was in her TrueExclusive Interview that she just did.
    Thats my idea of the TwoEleven Booklet

  2. Hey I just think brandy should rock her short hair cut but add more stuff to it like some red streaks, dress like a queen, she also should have a double disc for a her CD for the songs that didn’t make the album but all her fans loved it! She also needs to have more additude in her pictures, show the world u queen b. And also on this project I want to see a lot of dancing she needs to hire a legend at dancing that’s my idea’s.

  3. I believe for this album Brandy should def have an album booklet with pictures that go with the theme for the album. Being that we dont know the types of songs that will be on 211 its a little difficult to say. however, i do think that her look should be edgy and daring (but not too much and not lady gaga-esque). One half of the photos should be high fashion couture and the other half should be sexy (not risque). I’ve always liked the usual font that has been on most of her albums but maybe the color can be changed to something more sensual and sexy (red, dark purple, black, gold). And maybe the font can be altered so that it is sleek and sexy as well!

    The album cover should take place with an elaborate background (no regular white backgound!). Album cover should also be grown and sexy! Use “Full Moon” video as a reference. Although i love Brandy’s recent magazine spread, i dont think that should be the look for the album (photos were overly photoshopped)… Keep the short hair only if the video for her new single is giving you sex appeal. Otherwise, I need her hair to be LAID LIKE NENE LEKES ! ( lol. The curls are cute for her everyday…but i LOVE Brandy in a long mane!….MAYBE A LONG PONYTAIL WIT BANGS..just a thought…if not a ponytail, the hair def needs to be bone straight and long :). No evening gowns for the album cover please…unless its giving you Beyonce lol

    Also, I really hope brandy does some dancing in at least one of her new videos. to this date, afrodisiac is my fav video bc i love to see her move. it doesnt make sense to have up-tempo songs and be standing there in your video!

    Brandy if you’re out there follow me on twitter: @dong0tti <3

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