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Video: Watch Brandy’s TWO ELEVEN Tour in Japan Through The Eyes of Silent from True Exclusives

Written by Vaughn. Posted in News & Headlines


From Silent from TrueExclusives.com:

“Earlier this year, I had the chance to go overseas and document Brandy’s Two Eleven Japan Tour. It was an amazing, dream-come-true kind of trip and I decided to share the experience with some commentary and footage. It was a trip that I will never forget!” 
Check out the experience through Silent’s eyes, in the fun-filled video below:

Source: http://trueexclusives.com/2013/09/09/watch-my-trip-to-japan-with-4everbrandy-twoeleven/ 

News: Re-Cap of TrueExclusives.com Re-Launch Featuring a Tribute to Brandy (@4everBrandy) Performed by India Arie

Written by Vaughn. Posted in News & Headlines

Last night, Brandy hit up W.I.P in New York City for the TrueExclusives re-launch party but she was in for a surprise of her own when fellow artist, India Arie came out to bless Brandy with one of her songs. Before singing, Brandy’s ‘He Is’, India gave a touching speech the left Brandy in tears. She said:
“I never got the chance to tell you this but the first time I heard you sing, I was 18 and I was like who is this? Who’s singing the way that I like people to sing cause I feel that there are a lot of singers here tonight, and you know how the difference between good singing and great singing are the small things nuances, you had the nuances when you were like 13. And I remember when you were on ‘Thea’, and through the week, on the commercial they were showing that you were going to sing on that episode. I have the tape because I have been keeping a tape recorder and journal since I was like a little kid. So I had my micro cassette ready when you came on and I taped it and played it back and back and back and back. So, I just wanted to tell you that. I know how it feels to be working really hard for something and it doesn’t turn out exactly the way that you want but then you have some stuff that’s turning out cool and you are just like working, trying to figure it out. I don’t think that you really understand how influential you are to singers [Crowd cheers], I don’t think you really get it! There are so many people that we hear and we are like, ‘that’s a Brandy run, Oh that’s a Brandy run’. I don’t think you even know how much people revere you and they don’t realize that they’re doing what you do. So this is for you… “- India Arie

Source: Brandy Gets Emotional After Special Tribute From India Arie | Necole Bitchie.com

News/Video: TrueExclusives Interviews Brandy on working with Chris Brown + 2012 First Single “Put It Down” Revealed.

Written by Vaughn. Posted in News & Headlines

Urban Informer from Baltimore, MD 92Q radio revealed on his twitter account that Brandy’s new single is titled, “Put it Down” and will feature Chris Brown. Chris Brown will be rapping instead of singing on this mid-tempo, Bangladesh produced cut. No word on when the song will be released.

Check out Brandy interviewing with Silent from True Exclusives on working with Chris Brown and the new single:

Source: http://trueexclusives.com/2012/04/12/watch-brandy-talks-first-single-working-with-chris-brown/

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