Happy Birthday to Brandy’s Fiance Ryan
TheBrandyBlog.com would like to send a special Happy Birthday to Brandy’s fiance, Ryan Press! Ryan, we thank you for your presence in Brandy’s life and showing her the defintionof true love. We pray that God will continute to bless your career and union with Brandy! Your best days are ahead.
Brandy Set To Receive Humanitarian Award at Pure...
Atlanta, GA – The Pure Heat Community Festival showcases the different meaning of pride with unity. Composed of volunteers committed to bringing awareness of a diverse community impacted by HIV/AIDS, Environment Protection, Youth Mentorship, Education & Career Advancement, Women’s Health & Wellness, and Homelessness the Pure Heat Community Festival is a front seat into the :
Red Carpet Photos: Brandy Attends 2013 BET Awards
Brandy, hit the red carpet at the 2013 BET Awards. Check out images from the red-carpet by using the gallery below: (after the jump)
Brandy Interviews with Vaughn Alvarez Backstage...
This past weekend in Nashville, TN, Brandy Norwood, took time after her show to sit down with, Vaughn Alvarez (@4everVaughn), the founder of “The Brandy Blog”, to catch up on life, music, past, present and future aspirations. Brandy, spoke candidly about the inspiration behind the, Two Eleven, tracks: So Sick, Hardly Breathing & Do You :
Brandy Participates in NYC Moms+Social Event...
This past weekend Brandy Norwood participated in, the New York City based event, Mom+Social, a one-day gathering focused on motherhood and the role of social media, technology, and philanthropy to improve the health of moms and children everywhere. Check out complete coverage of the event below: Video: Photos: Additional Images: http://www.flickr.com/photos/unfoundation/8722820283/in/photostream
Brandy Covers “PYNK Magazine”...
Brandy posed for the latest cover of PYNK Magazine. Take a look at the photo-shoot and revealing article. Brandy discusses, how she was courted by her fiancé Ryan Press, playing the role of Whitney Houston and more… Here are the highlights: (Thanks YBF) Do you feel like your growth and evolution as a woman influenced the creative process :
Brandy Dishes on her Upcoming Wedding Plans
Brandy sat down with Hip Hollywood to discuss her & fiancé Ryan Press plans for their upcoming wedding. Use the YouTube media player below to watch.