Video: Watch Brandy’s TWO ELEVEN Tour in...
From Silent from “Earlier this year, I had the chance to go overseas and document Brandy’s Two Eleven Japan Tour. It was an amazing, dream-come-true kind of trip and I decided to share the experience with some commentary and footage. It was a trip that I will never forget!”  Check out the experience through Silent’s eyes, in the :
Video: Brandy Sings “Do You Know (What You...
Courtesy of Silent from, comes “music-video style” live footage of Brandy singing “Do You Know” live in Japan. “Do You Know’ is lifted from the chart-topping album, “Two Eleven” from Brandy. Watch the outstanding clip below via youtube:
Watch Brandy on Tour in Japan [Day 3]
Thanks to Silent for a video of Brandy and her friends on tour in Japan. Watch day 3 of the tour via youtube below.
Video of Day 2 in Japan with Brandy
Thanks to SilentBX for this exclusive video of day 2 of Brandy in Japan last week. Use the Youtube Media player below to watch.
Brandy Performs at Billboard Live in Japan
Brandy hit Japan over the past few days for 3 amazing shows, part of the Billboard Live. Check out video footage from Silent of the historic event.