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Brandy Album

Love Is On My Side

Whoa, whoa
Love, love, love, love
Love, yeah yeah yeah
Yeah, yeah yeah yeah
Hmmm, oh, hmmm
Whoa, oh

Memories of yesterday
Loneliness my way to say
I needed you and all you do
To come and rescue me

The day I saw your face
Everything fell into place
The melody of you and me
The love song that we share

And they say love isn’t love
Until you got someone to share it with
And I got you
And it has made me realize that love, oh love
Love is something that we take advantage of
Trough you I’ve learned that love is on my side

I try
But the feeling still flows deep inside
It takes my breath away
When it tries to stay I only love you more

Oh don’t try to tell me I’m a fool
I know this is something new
Just let me through
I’m here to do whatever you want me to do


On my side, on my side
Love is on my side

I sit here and wonder why
I can’t get you off my mind
A special scent and all you mean to me
Whoa, it’s the love that just won’t go away
I hear it in the things you say
I can’t ignore (I can’t ignore)
I want you more (I want you more)
And more and more and more and more