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Never Say Never - Album


How could she ever fool around
Don’t know what she was thinkin’ ’bout
While you were giving love
She let you down
Boy I know that you want to be alone
Cuz she broke your heart
And she sent you home
and you’re wondering why
She was so cold

Well when they lie
They have to lie again
Cuz the lying never ends, so

Even if you don’t believe
You will always hear the truth
Come from me
Baby, I’ll never lie
And you’re the reason why
I will always tell the truth
Cuz the truth resides me

Boy I know it’s a crying shame
Baby no no you shouldn’t blame
Yourself for what she did
She was insane
Maybe where you go I will go
Whatever makes you happy
Let me know
Oh my heart will be right there
To console you maybe, and the lies will never begin
I will be your lover, your best friend so


I will never say goodye
And I don’t want to see you cry
God only knows I love you
But it’s written in my eyes
You are the only one for me
There’s no way I could ever leave
I would never, no never
Never lie to you