USA Today Q&A Interview with Brandy and Coby Bell

Brandy & Coby Bell

Check out Brandy and her BET co-star, Coby Bell, interviewing with USA Today. The two friends sat down for a quick Q&A about their new year’s resolutions, last book read, favorite TV-shows and more. Check out the interview, using the video play below:

On the last good book Brandy read:
“The last good book I read, was the The Game of Life And How To Play It. I think everybody should read it.”
On her favorite guilty-TV pleasure show:
“Love & Hip Hop….I can relate to it. My favorite character (eventhough she is a real person) is Chrissy. She is awesome! If I ever met her, I would go crazy.”
On the craziest thing Brandy has done for love:
“Loose myself. That was nuts. [Then] that’s when love decides to leave you. I don’t suggest anyone do that. Love is about keeping yourself and sharing yourself with the other person. Don’t be looking for people to make you complete and all that.”





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