Video: Brandy Performs ‘When You Touch Me’ & The ‘#Glowwrayy Song’ at IndigO2 in London


Brandy Norwood delivers her first ever performance of her 2002 album hit ‘When You Touch Me‘ live in London on Tuesday, Septemebr 24, 2013 at IndigO2. Brandy set the stage on fire performing her hits and fan favorites. She also introduced a new fun song, “Glowwrrayy”, birthed from her amazing personality during her press tour for the album, ‘Two Eleven’.

Watch footage from the concert below via YouTube.



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One thought on “Video: Brandy Performs ‘When You Touch Me’ & The ‘#Glowwrayy Song’ at IndigO2 in London

    “Why don’t you return my calls…”, a wide-eyed and batless Brandy sang as she opened her first London show in over four years. Having started with my fave, I thought it might go downhill. Fortunately, I was wrong.

    Our Beta-rokka, glamorously dressed in black from head-to-toe, seemed on top of the world as she belted out a medley of her very best hits.

    Full Moon still sounded fresh and modern – a remarkable feat considering it has passed ten birthdays – Bran’s warm and passionate delivery melting our hearts with joy.

    Brother Ray-J was not forgotten, as she recalled the 1990’s and gave a pitch perfect account of her ‘Best Friend’. Although Brandy’s Genesis period in paradise was ignored, she kindly acknowledged her origin by saluting Whitney Houston. The soul of her mentor and good friend was meticulously reincarnated before us – ‘I Wanna Dance…” being exceptionally well-executed.

    Bran’s ‘Vox-Bible’ status received its highest elevation in ‘He Is’, as her mellow and seductive tones delighted the audience. Plucking tunes from her rich and diverse tapestry, ‘Two Eleven’s” debut release “Put It Down” was my personal highlight from recent material. I liked the way our Bran saved her pelvis by appointing her two younger dance assistants to do most of the hard acrobatics. Following ‘Dancing With The Stars’, she was undoubtably being modest.

    “Afrodisiac” failed to capture the quality of the original recording, not by any means due to Brandy’s star first-class performance in London, but it needed her dual-tracked vocals to succeed.

    Brandy exercised her artistic licence to overlook self-confessed performance nadir at the time of ‘Human’. I wished she would have done ‘Long Distance’ – Carson City is a long way from England…

    Our seventy-five minutes of pure non-stop enjoyment was topped by ‘Boy Is Mine’ – excellently delivered, even minus Mo.

    Unfortunately, there was no full moon on departing from her concert.

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