Video: Brandy (@4everBrandy) Encourages 5-Hour Energy Drink & Subway to #CutThatCheck

Brandy #CutThatCheck

Surfacing into the instagram servers of yesterday and leading into today, Brandy has been spotted in food establishments, kitchens, and cars attacking the music industry from another realm. The ‘Vocal Bible‘ exudes beauty, and humor as she has began playfully creating jingles for top sandwich connoisseur and restaurant, Subway, as well as highly praised energy drink, ‘5 hour energy‘.

In the 3 different clips, we witness the ‘Put It Down‘ slayer croon some of the funniest jingles to date, using her signature rasp, vocal acrobats, and humorous personality that has sent her followers in. Many agree that Subway and the highly rated ’5 hour Energy’ need to #CutThatCheck “ASSSSSSSAAAAAAaaaaAP”

Get your laugh on with the Diva below or click here!

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