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Check out Brandy’s article inside the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper. Brandy has a concert date this Saturday at the Paramount Theatre (2025 Broadway, Oakland).

Engaged to be married

Brandy, who has never been married, announced in December her engagement to Ryan Press, a song publishing executive and the son of Ron Tyson, high-tenor singer with the Temptations since 1983. No wedding date has been set.

After 10 years without a major hit and four without a recording contract, Brandy found herself back on the charts last spring, at No. 3 R&B in Billboard, with “Put It Down,” a hip-hop-spiced duet with Chris Brown on the RCA/Chameleon label. The song is one of a dozen on “Two Eleven.” Brandy considers it to be her “comeback” album.

Lost her way

“At one point, I couldn’t figure it out,” she says of her past decade of limited success as a recording artist. “I didn’t really believe in myself. I just kind of lost my way within myself. Now I’m back to who I am. This is what I was created to do. What else am I going to do?”

Reminded that she can act and does so quite well, Brandy responds, “To disrespect that (singing) and not do that is just a slap in God’s face. ‘I created you to express, to share, to relate, to inspire, and you’re not going to do it?’ ” she says, as if quoting God.

“I have to sing and I have to act and do what I’m supposed to do,” says Brandy, who has been giving occasional concerts, including one Saturday at the Paramount Theatre in Oakland, since the CD’s October release. “It’s a beautiful thing to be in a place where it’s a responsibility and it’s a service. It’s not about being famous and being the most popular and the hottest thing out. It’s really about the service and the responsibility of what I’m here to do.” {sbox}


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