News: Brandy (@4everBrandy) Covers Vibe Vixen Magazine

It’s been a decade since veteran songbird Brandy has belted a top-tier single. Currently sitting atop the better half of the R&B/Hip Hop stack, Chris Brown-assisted, whispery cut “Put It Down” has allowed the femme vocalist to revive old fans’ standom and wrangle in a new, younger generation.

“It’s amazing that people still have a love for me and still feel like they can relate to me,” the 33-year-old siren admits on a recent Sunday. “It really does keep me on my toes, just being a role model for young girls, but I am grown. I gotta sing for the grown people sometimes.” Life, though, hasn’t always been sweet for the chocolate-colored chanteuse.

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One thought on “News: Brandy (@4everBrandy) Covers Vibe Vixen Magazine

  1. I love Brandys article on being a single mom. I never thought to wear high heels with blue jeans. Thats awsome! I do agree with the light makeup. Looking natural is so much better i think. After reading this article I’m going to go buy a few accessories. I need more braclets,necklaces, and watches with my wardrobe. I’m not a single mom but I do have two children and a busy schedule as well. Such good tips.

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