Interview: Brandy (@4everBrandy) Speaks on Two Eleven, Haters, Motherhood & More to UrbanBridgez (@UrbanBridgez)

Recently Brandy spoke with Aries from about Two ElevenWhitney Houston‘s influence, the most emotional song she’s ever recorded, influencing a new generation of artists, Haters, Moesha, Motherhood and alot more! You’ve done alot of great interviews recently in preparation for Two Eleven, with Vaughn (Brandy Blog), Silent (True Exclusives), Kemp (Kempire Radio) and just recently with your B Source (Brandy Source) family, which I really enjoyed the chat vibe. 
Brandy: Thanks! No problem! What’s the best part for you doing press for this project?
Brandy: I think the best part for me is to really be able to promote a song that I believe in. Some of the records in the past I didn’t believe in, in certain eras that represented me in music wasn’t my favorite stuff to do. So to promote a song that I believe in and an album that I’m totally confident in. I feel like my fans will fall in love with it, that’s been the best part because it just feels like how it did when I was doing the first three albums. Wildest Dreams just dropped and the feedback is crazy good! 
Brandy: Do you like it? I love, love, love it! 
Brandy: Good, thank you! I’m so glad. Put It Down is steady rising up the charts, radio and video views, it comes off as you guys have a set strategy for this project, what can we expect next to pop off before the actual release like as far as appearances & hopefully a video for Wildest Dreams?
Brandy: Well we just want to go full swing ahead with of course to promote Put It Down. Hopefully some more performances, I haven’t did a 106 & Park performance yet. So I look forward to that working out on the schedule. With Wildest Dreams just dropping, I’m just happy that we have another song and look before the album. The video for that is coming next and it’s released on iTunes on the (August) 28th so we’re looking forward to shooting the video for that. I’ve been reading alot of tweets and people want me to dance in the video and the braids. So we’re just trying to get everybody’s ideas and incorporate them in the movement. I honestly feel like the Starz are really involved. I really feel like that, Ryan will tell you. When I see someone tweet something or see something that has to do with anything that they want, I’ll bring it back to the team. Like well they want it faster, so we have to try to find a way to get it to them faster. So it’s great and hopefully everything will continue to line up. And honestly it’s not really a strategy, we’re just kind of following the guidance that lives in all of our guts and we’ve been following that. I think the record label definitely has a plan. But we just follow that spiritual guidance that’s within all of us. One of the song titles has me very intrigued White Flag, what’s the theme of that record?
Brandy: White Flag is about my struggle. It’s about just everything that I’ve been through and basically surrendering. You know sometimes you get so tired and so worn out that you don’t even wanna fight anymore. I’ve come to that point in my life before where I didn’t give up. But I basically surrendered and put everything to the hands of the universe and just said I can’t fight these battles myself anymore. So that’s what White Flag is about, so White Flag means surrender.

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