Watch: Drop Dead Diva: Season 3 Episode 13 + Show News!

In this episode, Jane and Kim provide pro-bono legal assistance to a death row inmate, Aaron Howard (Johnathon Schaech), who is set to be executed in 72 hours. Aaron needs legal advice about how to go about donating his heart to his estranged sister, Tina (Jamie-Lynn Sigler), who is dying of congenital heart disease. Meanwhile, Grayson defends Stacy in a case against her co-star and former fling, Brian Pullman. Kim asks Parker to make her a partner at the firm, but Parker is somewhat preoccupied with some shocking new information about his ex Elisa (Brandy Norwood). Owen (Lex Medlin) invites Jane to drop everything and join him on his one year sailing adventure in New Zealand.

Lifetime is just as in love with ‘Drop Dead Diva’ as we are — and has ordered 13 more episodes of the show to prove it. The network just announced a fourth season of the dramedy about a ditzy model who dies in a car accident and is sent back to earth in the body of a plus-sized lawyer.

“‘Drop Dead Diva’ is a signature series for Lifetime that continues to resonate with audiences with its heart and humor,” Lifetime president and GM Nancy Dubuc said in a statement to Entertainment Weekly. “We are thrilled to bring it back for another season.”




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