Fan Of The Month


Coming soon, a brand new feature on The Brandy Blog dedicated to you the fans! Wanna show the world how much you love Brandy and why you’re a fan?

With our Fan of the Month feature, a fan will be selected from all the entries we received and his/her profile will be posted right here on this page.

We’re currently looking for fan submissions. All you have to do is submit your name, email, location, age, favorite Brandy song, and why and how you became a fan. You can also send us your picture if you want to.

Send all your info to: 

One thought on “Fan Of The Month

  1. im 12 and my favorite brandy song is right here departed because I couldn’t imagine being without my family and currently im far away from my favorite cousin ever I cried a lot when she left and this song makes me feel like im still standing right beside her. I became a fan when I was at home on youtube and I was listening to another artist and I saw her video so I clicked on it I was blown away I loved it and I just started listening to brandys music from then

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