Family Business – Album

Album Name: Brandy & Ray-J: A Family Business
Release Date:
Record Label:
Saguaro Road Records/VH1
Brandy - Family Business Album

Tracklisting:1. Family Business (Brandy, Ray J, Willie and Sonja Norwood)
2. Turnin’ Me On (Ray J)
3. Talk To Me – Main Version (Brandy, Ray J & Willie Norwood Sr.)
4. My Family (Sy’rai & Rain Smith)
5. Lifeguard (Brandy)
6. Ready To Roll (Ray J Featuring TKO)
7. Sonja, Sonya, Sonia (Willie Norwood Sr.)
8. Gone (Tasha Scott)
9. I Don’t Care (Brandy)
10. Home Grown (Willie Norwood Sr.)
11. Epilogue (Sonja Norwood)

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